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Instagram Influencer Couple Asks Followers to Pay for Vacation to Africa

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An Instagram influencer couple from Germany has set up a GoFundMe page asking for donations to help finance a biking trip to Africa – however, their request has not gone down well with social media users.

Catalin Onc and Elena Engelhardt run the joint account @another_beautiful_day_official on Instagram where they post travel pictures from around the globe and describe themselves as “lovers, travellers, dream chasers” in their bio.

Recently, the couple announced that they plan to undertake a tandem bike ride in July, from Germany to Africa, and that they are relying on their 35K followers and Catalin’s mother to foot the bill.

In the caption for the photo, the two claim that they wish to take their followers along on this “huge adventure to Africa” (the exact country/countries they aim to visit in Africa are not specified). All donations “will go towards the bike and gear, food and accommodation (when needed), internet and SIM cards in every country to keep you up to date, insurance, emergencies. We need funds now for preparation as well as throughout our trip”.

In return for their donations, followers will receive pictures, anecdotes, and insights into Catalin and Elena’s journey (which they dub “a celebration of life”) and issues such as mental health, global warming, and the benefits of traveling.

In a now-deleted comment, the couple also thanked Catalin’s mother, whom they claimed has been working two jobs to fund their lifestyle.

“At this very moment, my mother is funding us, she works two jobs and has not much herself. We didn’t ask her for money but she loves that she is able to help. Mum, I want you to know, that it is not only us but hundreds of others that benefit from your help.”

However, the couple appears averse to seeking employment themselves (both are unemployed), claiming:

“It has now come to the point again where we must ask for money in order to continue doing what we do. Some will just tell us to get jobs, like everyone else and stop begging. But when you have the impact we do on others’ life, getting a job is not an option. We could model and make fast money, but we don’t want to advertise consumerism. A normal job at this point would be detrimental”.

This is despite the fact that they have mentioned “modelling” in their Instagram bio.

The request for donations was largely met with incredulity and criticism.

“Your mom works two jobs to pay for your trip, don’t you think that’s impacting her mental heath? It’s sad this isn’t all a joke, the self importance you have is ridiculous.”, commented one user.

Another user was a little more direct, simply writing: “Go get a job”, while another called the couple “entitled creeps”.
At the moment, the couple’s GoFundMe page has received donations from nine people in nine days, and only €215 of the €10,000 target has been raised.

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