WebCelebs is in the process of setting up an Influencer Awards platform in order to host a recurring mega awards event aimed at the influencer marketing industry. These awards will be divided among various categories to recognize the industry’s most influential participants, including creative brands, top-performing campaigns, successful marketing companies, and of course social media influencers and web celebrities.

Each event will conclude with Gurus Awards, going to the most popular agencies and influencers nominated and voted upon by the community. These will include:

  1. Best influencer of the year (Guru of the year)
  2. Rising Star
  3. Best Lifestyle Influencer (Lifestyle Guru)
  4. Best Entertainment Influencer (Entertainment Guru)
  5. Best Art & Education Influencer  (Art & Education Guru)
  6. Best Beauty & Fashion Influencer  (Beauty & Fashion Guru)
  7. Best Sports Influencer (Sports Guru)
  8. Best Influencer Marketing Campaign (Campaign of the year)
  9. Best Post (Post of the year)
  10. Best Agency (Agency of the year)
  11. Best Technology (Technology of the year)
  12. Best YouTube Channel
  13. and more coming soon!

If you’re interested in our upcoming events or want to participate for voting in any nomination, please contact us.