Top 10 Arts & Crafts Influencers on Instagram [September 2019]

Here is our list of the top 10 Arts & Crafts Influencers on Instagram


The digital era has given creative people the opportunity to craft their dream careers, reaching thousands and even millions of people through social media.

When it comes to visual content, Instagram is often the platform of choice or a complementary distribution channel to video-streaming websites like YouTube. We have rounded up the top 10 arts and crafts influencers on Instagram, ranking them by the number of followers. Whether interested in crafting or influencer marketing, you can get some inspiration from the list below.

  1. Liz Rangel of Craftingeek – Number of followers: 1.4 million

Liz Rangel is a Mexican YouTuber who began uploading craft tutorials in 2009. Since then, her YouTube channel Craftingeek has grown to be one of the biggest for do-it-yourself arts and crafts, boasting nearly nine million subscribers. Rangel is also very popular on Instagram, where the Craftingeek page features platform-tailored content, including colorful pictures of Rangel and her studio and short videos.

  1. Karina Garcia – Number of followers: 1.1 million

Karina Garcia is another YouTube sensation with a strong following on Instagram. Born in California, the 25-year-old vlogger made her first crafts video about slime in 2015. At the time, Karina was a waitress who had dropped out of college. Now, Karina is making a fortune from her hobby — slime, DIYs, and life and beauty hacks. In a 2018 interview, she told CNBC that her business earns about $2 million a year from partnerships, ad revenue, and her own slime kit line and themed book. Karina’s YouTube channel has over nine million subscribers.

  1. Mafer Cantu of HelloMaphie – Number of followers: 723,000

Mafer Cantu is a 31-year-old Mexican nail artist famed for her nail art tutorials, craft projects, printables, and DIY videos. Launched in 2009, her YouTube channel, HelloMaphie, has amassed 8.7 million subscribers.

  1. Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess – Number of followers: 642,000

A Beautiful Mess is a crafts blog created and operated by sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Their Instagram page is a collection of creative innovations in the area of home DIY, as well as food, crafts, and personal style.

  1. Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day – Number of followers: 529,000

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Rainbow plates from @ohhappydaypartyshop ?

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US event planner Jordan Ferney launched her Oh Happy Day blog in 2006, featuring party craft ideas and guides, as well as accessible DIY projects. On Instagram, Ferney has partnerships with brands like Target, Lindt Chocolate, Method, The Gap, and the United States Postal Service.

  1. Joy Cho of Oh Joy! – Number of followers: 445,000

Joy Cho is a graphic designer who launched a crafts blog named Oh Joy! In 2005. She adopted social media as a means of reaching new clients, but that effort soon turned into a business in its own right. Joy has several successful collaborations under her belt, including creating luggage with CALPAK, rugs with Lorena Canals, wallpaper with Hygge & West, cement tile with Clé Tile, and bandages with Johnson & Johnson.

  1. Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY – Number of followers: 402,000

What started as a college project in 2011 is now one of the most popular arts and crafts blogs. Studio DIY was created by New Jersey-born Kelly Mindell and developed with the help of her husband Jeff, who is the photographer of the studio. On Instagram, Mindell has drawn admiration for her DIY art projects and colorful pictures.

  1. Brittany Jepson of The House that Lars Built – Number of followers: 185,000

Brittany Jepson is the craftsperson, blogger, and designer behind The House that Lars Built. The blog’s Instagram page is dedicated to artful living and making, featuring design templates and crafts.

  1. Erica Domesek of P.S.- I made this – Number of followers: 176,000

Erica Domesek is another crafts enthusiast who has turned her hobby into a career. Dubbed by Elle “Fashion’s Queen of DIY,” Erica founded P.S.- I made this in 2009 and has since enjoyed remarkable success. The blog’s Instagram page treats its followers to an array of DIY projects.

  1. Olga Prinku – Number of followers: 147,000

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I caught a little bird in my net! I've been experimenting with scale. Going down to see how small is too small. I can imagine this little one as part of a chinoisery inspired piece with blossom branches and birds. I'm away in the mountains at the moment, but when I'm back there's lots of ideas… #flowersontulle . . . #handsandhustle #craftastherapy #weekend #flowestagram #botanical #contemporaryembroidery  #embroideryart #darlingweekend#embroideryhoop #hoopart #embroideryinstaguild#embroiderylove #embroiderywork#handembroidery #handstitched #modernembroidery#needlecraft #handsinframe#dryflowers#calledtobecreative #createcultivate #createeveryday#creativetutorials #creativecommunity#creativelifehappylife #inspiredbynature #artistsoninstagram

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Olga Prinku is a Japanese designer specializing in floral embroidery, using dried plants and flowers for her creations. Mixing different techniques, her projects enjoy great success on social networks.

That wraps up our list of the Top 10 Arts & Crafts Influencers on Instagram – if you have any suggestions, feedback or comments, drop a line below or contact us.

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