Top 10 Animal (Pet) Influencers on Social Media

If you’re looking for the most famous animal influencers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, here is our list!

Now we’ve all heard that social media can make anyone an internet star, but no one would’ve thought that it could literally make ANYONE a star! Yes, that’s right even cute adorable pets these days have the opportunity to become web celebrities.


While celebrities such as Ariana Grande are cool, nothing beats having your social media profiles flooded by content posts from these furry little critters. Their owners make a proactive effort to keep their profile engaging and interesting through adorable pictures and video content of their pets.

Here is our list of the top 10 pet influencers on the internet, whose cute and adorable content will definitely put a smile on your face.

Jiff Pom – 31.56 Million

Instagram: 9.6 million

YouTube: 276,000

TikTok: 20.3 million

Facebook: 1.4 million

Jiff Pom is a Pomeranian dog that acclaimed worldwide fame through Instagram after he broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest 10-meter run on hind legs.

This web celebrity has participated in a number of films, such as Adventures of Bailey: A Night in China Town and also appeared in Disney’s television series Bizaardvark. He more famously featured in Katy Perry’s music video of a “Dark Horse” that has over 2 Billion views on YouTube.

Pom’s social media accounts are filled with pictures and videos of the dog in trendy outfits and with famous celebrities such as Christian Collions and Zach Clayton.

Doug the Pug – 10.7 Million

Instagram: 3.8 million

YouTube: 265,000

TikTok: 641,000

Facebook: 6 Million

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“‪It’s not resolution time yet” -Doug

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Doug lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is considered the most followed Pug on the internet. The celebrity dog has won a number of awards including the “People’s Choice Awards” for the best Animal Star.

Forbes has listed Doug as the second most influential pet on the internet and he has been featured on famous magazines such as The Times and Huffington Post. Doug and his owner, Lelie Mosier are also authors of the NYT bestseller Doug the Pug: The King of Pop Culture released in 2016.

The internet stars’ social media accounts are full of pop-culture references and pictures of the dog in different costumes. He also frequently posts pictures and videos with big-name celebrities such as Cole Sprouse and Shakira.

Tucker Budzyn – 9.18 Million

Instagram: 2.1 million

YouTube: 1.48 million

TikTok: 4.2 million

Facebook: 1.4 million

Tucker Budzyn is a golden retriever who was born in 2018 in Michigan. The adorable critter received worldwide fame through his Instagram account which contains pictures of the dog dressed up in different clothes. The cute critter’s social media posts always have funny dog lingo in their captions that make them all the more adorable.

He also has a very active YouTube channel which contains Budyzn’s cute and adorable reactions to simple objects such as hair clips. Many of these videos have gone viral. The celebrity dog is also a brand ambassador for TruPet dog food.

Nala Cat – 7.07 Million

Instagram: 4.3 million

YouTube: 28,400

TikTok: 151,000

Facebook: 2.6 million

Nala Cat was adopted at the age of 5 months by her mother/owner and had severe breathing problems. Her internet career began in 2012 after her owner began posting pictures of the cat’s progress in terms of her health and her other antics.

The captions of the adorable cat’s pictures are from her point of view and perspective, making everything even more interesting. The celebrity cat has also featured on a number of YouTube videos and proactively uses her influence to raise awareness regarding neutering pets and adopting them from shelters.

Maya Polar Bear – 7.2 Million

Instagram: 1.9 million

YouTube: 1.45 million

TikTok: 2.9 million

Facebook: 950,000

Maya is considered one of the most famous Samoyeds across the globe. The internet celebrity gained prominence in 2016 after her owner posted videos and pictures of her on Instagram.

The internet celebrity has a very proactive YouTube channel where she frequently posts Vlog videos in which she is performing cute and adorable things such as munching on food and her doing her signature, adorable howl. The dog celebrity has received YouTube Golden Play Button for crossing the 1 million subscriber mark and these days she focuses on recording ASMR videos.

Venus the Two Face Cat — 4.82 million

Instagram: 2 million

YouTube: 12,000

TikTok: 1.5 million

Facebook: 1.3 million

Venus has a very distinct look due her being a “Chimera”, a cat that has two types of DNA split 50-50. This is extremely rare and gives Venus two different colors on her face and a rare blue eye. The internet star gained popularity in 2012 after a Reddit post about the cat went viral due to her unique look.

The adorable critter has appeared on a number of TV shows and her YouTube channel is filled with her doing cute things. Her Instagram and Facebook accounts follow suit and are filled with pictures of the cat in adorable positions.

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund – 4.4 Million

Instagram: 775,000

YouTube: 855,000

TikTok: 850,000

Facebook: 3.0 million

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“It’s Friday night, let’s get…”

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Crusoe is a miniature black dachshund who gained popularity for his wacky homemade costumes and short videos. The 10-year-old began his social media career in 2011 as a sarcastic moniker and over time gained popularity through the various roles he played in his videos including, superhero, fisherman, and golfer.

The celebrity dog has a published book “Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund: Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire” which is a New York Times best-seller. Crusoe also released another book in 2018 by the name “Crusoe, the Worldly Wiener Dog: Further Adventures with the Celebrity Dachshund”.

The dog has made a number of press appearances on media outlets such as HuffPost and has won a number of awards. Crusoe has a Facebook series that has aired over 4 seasons as of 2019 and showcases the dog’s life.

Swaggy Wolfdog — 4.2 million

Instagram: 1.4 million

TikTok: 3.1 million

Swaggy is a male husky that claimed prominence and fame through the TikTok app. He is known for his vibrant pink colored ears and is proactively seen as a symbol of breaking gender roles.

The pink eared husky’s social media accounts are filled with pictures of the dog with the A-listers and influencers wearing swaggy outfits.

Juniper Foxx — 4.02 million

Instagram: 2.9 million

YouTube: 64,000

TikTok: 100,000 million

Facebook: 960,000

Juniper is relatively an unconventional pet and that is primarily the reason the domesticated fox has reached web celebrity status. His videos on jumping on household objects thinking that they are prey amassed the Red Fox a huge following on social media platforms.

Juniper descends from the fur-farm fox and lives with another fox named Fig and a dog named Moose at a house for rescued exotic animals. The friendly bunch makes some really amazing content for YouTube.

Cole and Marmalade — 3.88 million

Instagram: 670,000

YouTube: 1.26

Facebook: 1.95 million

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Not the most flattering shot…

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Cole and Marmalade climbed to fame after the two siblings were introduced in 2013. They became popular for videos showcasing the two cats with their cute and adorable antics.

The two cats not only post funny content videos and pictures but also strive to raise awareness about cats in need, pet adoption and neutering.

That’s it for our list for the top 10 pet influencers on the internet. Which one of the furry little critters is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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