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Who is Belle Delphine and Why Do People Drink Her Bath Water?

Belle Delphine rose to prominence in the craziest of ways with her unconventional ideas. Here’s a look at her success story.

Belle Delphine is a controversial social media figure known for her provocative content, passion for cosplay, and peculiar brand of humor. She teases and trolls her millions of followers and then sells them her bathtub water for $30.00 per jar. Who’s Belle, and what makes her so popular? Let’s dig into that.


The girl loves to expose herself but not her personal life. Belle Delphine is 19, and her real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner. Born in South Africa, she moved to the United Kingdom where she currently lives. Little is known about her immediate family, friends, and personal relationships. Her social media activity makes it clear that she is fond of kittens, the color pink, and Japanese anime.

Social media career

Belle first appeared on Instagram in March 2015. A year later, she posted a how-to video on YouTube, where she demonstrated how she applied her make-up. However, her career as a beauty blogger was short-lived. Gradually, her photos and videos became filled with eroticism and caught the eye of an adult audience that has no interest in make-up techniques.

Belle Delphine is best-known for her presence on Instagram, where she had over 4 million followers before her ban. In addition to that, she has more than 370,000 followers on Facebook and 9 million views on her YouTube channel, where she has posted only a couple of videos. Having scored success with her Instagram, she started her own subscriber-only Snapchat channel and launched an account on Patreon, quickly gathering over 10,000 patrons.

What’s so special about Belle Delphine?

Belle posts a lot of selfies and photos in lingerie, showing off her impeccable figure. She is a master of cosplay and mind-blowing transformation, easily going from an elf kitten to a sexy police officer and back to an anime-style creature. However, her all-time favorite image includes pink hair, cat’s ears, and “ahegao face.” Coupled with bright make-up and revealing outfits, her tactics made her widely popular and lifted her to social media stardom.

Belle’s followers either love or hate her. Some people admire her art and enjoy her beauty, but others believe that she is vulgar and indecent. However, no one remains indifferent to Belle, which is the key ingredient of her popularity.

Master of trolling and outrageous tricks

Belle often uses trolling techniques to attract attention and create hype around her personality. Once she promised to register a P*rnhub account if her Instagram post got 1 million likes. Her followers took the bait, and she got 2 million likes. The girl stood by her promise and opened an account where she trolled users to her heart’s content. Her videos had vulgar names typical of the platform, but she never undressed there more than in her Instagram or Facebook photos. This behavior outraged many subscribers who had expected more and added to her popularity.

“She’s a genius, she used people’s perverted minds for her own benefit, now she makes more money in a month than people who worked for 40 years, Genius indeed,” one of the users wrote.

The next outburst happened when she ate a paper photo of famous Let’s Player PewDiePie in one of her videos. This mischief triggered a series of disrespectful remarks between them.

Bathtub water and Instagram ban

Belle has an online store where she sells posters and mousepads. However, she recently expanded her product range by adding jars with her bathtub water, charging $30.00 apiece. When the infamous “Gamer Girl Bath Water” jars sold out, Delphine put up for sale an entire tub’s content for $10,000.

Soon afterward, Instagram blocked Belle Delphine, allegedly for breach of community guidelines. While the real reasons for the ban remain unknown, the leading versions include a complaint about pornographic content and the advertising of the bathwater jars.

Now Belle plans to open another Instagram account to be able to communicate with her fans before she solves the issue with the ban.

“As soon as I planned to go away, my Instagram was removed, I am in contact with Instagram at the moment, and it appears to be a technical issue which they are working on!” Delphine said in a recent Patreon post.

Belle Delphine Networth and Financials

Belle’s net worth is estimated at $500,000. She makes money from premium subscriptions to her private Snapchat channel where she allegedly shares her erotic photos and holds live sessions. Exclusive access to this content costs $50 per month. Apart from that, she has 2,990 patrons on Patreon, her pricing structure starting with $1 a month and going all the way up to $2,500 for the most expensive plan.

Lessons from Belle Delphine’s Success

Belle’s recipe for success is a mixture of a cute face, lewd content, provocative behavior, and unconventional self-marketing techniques. She knows how to create hype and exploit human nature. Sure enough, these tactics pay off. Whether it is a valid long-term strategy is another question.

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