HYPR Makes Influencer Hunting Easy for Companies

Navigating the complex online celebrity culture is made easier by software that connects companies directly to influencers.

In the world of online influencers covering several niches around the web, it’s difficult for a company to decipher what it really needs to do for its marketing products.

This is a problem that HYPR set to solve, establishing a platform that makes influencer market a semi-automated process that provides a wealth of information that allows marketers to make more informed decisions.

Features include:

  • A large detailed database of social media influencers with their contact information.
  • The ability to filter results by niche and audience demographics.
  • Multiple logins available for different marketing projects.
  • Saved searches, making it easier to go back to a previous results query.
  • Campaign tracking and detailed analytics.

Each influencer on the web has an audience they reach out to, each with their own preferences, age groups, gender distribution, and attributes that pertain to individuals from every walk of life. Considering how little information is provided by platforms influencers operate in, companies mostly have to operate on a hunch when choosing who to sponsor for best results.

HYPR eliminates the guesswork and compiles demographic data from influencers’ audiences. When a marketer uses the platform, all they have to do is tell it what they’re looking for and a number of influencers appropriate for their niche pop up.

Within a few minutes, users can find exactly which influencers match up with the niche they intend to market towards. For example, a fitness equipment retailer can link up with an influencer that has a fitness-oriented follower base, appealing to individuals between the ages of 26-40.

Although HYPR does not mention its pricing, it includes three service tiers, which include:

  • Pro: One login for one user, six influencer lists, 20 profiles per list, 25 exports per month.
  • Platinum: 2 logins for one user, six lists per login, 30 profiles per list, 50 monthly exports, campaign tracking, and 5 saved searches per login.
  • Enterprise: 4 logins for one user, 12 lists per login, 50 profiles in a list, 50 monthly exports, campaign tracking, and 10 saved searches per login.

“It’s one thing to have a large audience of fans, but an influencer’s audience follows them for a specific subject matter. Not every influencer is a good fit for selling every brand. Understanding the difference between the number of followers and true sphere of influence is the difference between a successful or unsuccessful campaign,” said Gil Eyal, HYPR CEO.

HYPR claims to have a database that tracks one billion social accounts, 12 million influencers, and sorts them into 25 filtering options. Exploring this data makes the platform a valuable tool for marketers to simplify their search and get better results from their efforts.

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