Calculate Instagram Post Worth With Influencer Marketing Hub’s Handy Tool

A simple tool allows both influencers and marketers to determine how much should be paid for one of their Instagram posts.

In an age where internet marketing has hit its apex, almost everything posted on it carries some sort of value. Google’s ad network simplifies this by using a pay-per-click advertising model in which the value of the advertisement itself is determined only by the number of people who actually visit it.

However, when it comes to something as intangible as a post by an influencer on Instagram, it’s difficult to tell just how much it should cost unless one knows exactly how many people it’s likely to reach. Other things such as the influencer’s niche and audience demographics also come into play, but engagement is perhaps the most important telltale sign of what the “worth” of a single post from that individual would be.

Influencer Marketing Hub has a simple tool that helps provide a ballpark figure for this metric, taking into account how many followers an account has, the likes to comment ratio, and the engagement rate of each post.

It costs nothing and requires no sign-ups. You can just pop an Instagram username into the search field and immediately find a figure for the estimated earnings per post based on the account’s engagement rate and audience size.

An Instagram influencer with roughly 43K followers and an engagement rate of almost 3.3%, for example, has a healthy enough audience to command a price of $220-367 according to this site.

The results look something like this:

Although the information takes into account only the 12 most recent posts, manual browsing of the account can show how active it is.

Below this tool is another one that assesses the worth of particular posts. In a similar manner, you can just pop the link to the post into the search bar and almost instantly find an estimation of how much it would have earned had it been sponsored.

The tool itself is useful for both Instagram influencers and marketers. The former can understand whether they’re undervaluing their content to sponsors and the latter can get a clearer picture of what figures they can dance around with when negotiating a sponsorship.

Engagement rate drives more value to a post because it shows that followers of a particular influencer care enough about them to interact with them.

This simple metric helps form a level of transparency in an industry that currently lacks the “per-click” determination of value found in online advertising.

If you’re curious about Instagram engagement reports and other stats, take a look at our list of the top 500 Instagram accounts.

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