Zoe Sugg Leads Richest UK Influencers Under 30 with £4.7 Million in Earnings

As per a report by Heat Magazine, UK’s richest web celebs under 30 are lead by fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer Zoe Sugg.

UK’s richest influencers, 30-years or under, have been listed by Heat Magazine in their annual report, and the list is topped by Zoe Sugg, who has earned an estimated £4.7 million from her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging.

Sugg, also known as Zoella, has around 9.7 million followers on Instagram and 4.86 million YouTube subscribers, allowing her to secure major deals with big brands.

Zoella is not new to the influencer scene and started her journey around 10 years ago, at the age of 19. Now, she is believed to be earning £600,000 per year and charges up to £12,000 per sponsored post

Zoe Sugg’s massive earnings are followed by Ella Mills at £2.5 million, Tanya Burr at £1.6 million, Victoria Magrath at £1.2 million, and Sophie Hinchcliffe at around £1 million.

With big bucks on the line, it is no surprise that influencers come under fire for promotions which are deemed inappropriate. One recent case involved Tanya Burr and Heineken collaborating for an alcohol ad, but the court ruled in favor of the influencer.

That being said, influencer marketing is opening up new doors and unprecedented opportunities for youngsters, much like the realm of eSports is doing for video gamers.

However, with the move towards virtual influencers, it would be interesting to observe whether human influencers can keep up since virtual influencers have none of the same restrictions – they don’t have to find a location, props, photographer, inspiration, or even the perfect lighting.

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