YouTuber Logan Paul Files Appeal in California State Athletic Commission Over Rematch Loss To KSI

Web celebrity Logan Paul is unhappy with the outcome of his second match with Olajide Olatunji aka KSI, and intends to file an appeal against the split loss decision.

Beef between the biggest YouTube personalities started last year in February where KSI, who is from England, challenged “anyone with the last name Paul” to a boxing match. Logan Paul, who is one of the highest-paid YouTubers, accepted the challenge, representing America.

With the original match ending in a draw, much to fans’ disappointment, it attracted over 800,000 live-stream views along with 75 million views in the following weeks on YouTube. Given its success, a rematch was scheduled for this year and took place on November 9, 2019. However, Logan Paul lost this rematch in a split decision.

Releasing a video a week after the much-hyped rematch, which turned Logan Paul into a boxing meme, the American YouTuber revealed his intention to file an official appeal against the decision, saying “we don’t believe the outcome was right”.

Debuting your professional boxing career with a loss based on a split decision could be hard on anyone, especially when the stakes are so high. However, the young star, also known as The Maverick, says despite all the hype around the fight, “I do not feel like I’ve lost, I am smiling, I am not depressed and I do not feel like my career is over which was the big threat”.

Leading into the latest video, Logan Paul focused on the two-point deduction which cost him the rematch, claiming he didn’t plan on contesting the decision initially but was getting bombarded by thousands of fans and boxing fanatics over the internet, and real-life every day, telling him the outcome of the fight wasn’t right.

Having done some research, he claims that a two-point deduction isn’t common at all, and the last time it happened was more than a decade ago when Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ear off.

Disappointed about the events of the fight, Paul said, “I let the emotions get the best of me man but no warning, and I got two points taken away from me, and that’s why I think I lost that night”.

Towards the end he addresses California State Athletic Commission with a plea to review the outcome of the fight, saying, “I hope they give this the weight it deserves because I fear that since we aren’t real professional fighters that this may be overlooked but this fight means a lot to my fans, friends, and family so even if the outcome doesn’t come back in my favor treat it like a normal boxing appeal”.

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