YouTube Web Celeb FouseyTUBE Shocked After Getting Banned From Twitch

YouTuber FouseyTUBE responds after getting banned from streaming platform Twitch for unknown reasons.

Popular YouTuber Yousef ‘FouseyTUBE’ Erakat who is known for his comedy sketches, pranks and vlogs, received a ban on Twitch for reasons unknown.

The YouTuber who boasts a massive 10.6 million subscribers on YouTube was banned from Twitch on November 20. While the Palestinian-American is yet to figure out the cause of his suspension, the most likely possibility could be violating the streaming platforms community guidelines.

The Amazon-owned streaming website will generally inform its streamers about which part of the community guidelines they have breached, but in Fousey’s case he is still in the dark about it.

“What does that mean and what did i do? lol,” said the 29-year-old via Twitter after finding out about the ban.

One fan on Twitter suggested he move to Mixer, a Microsoft owned streaming platform and a direct competitor of Twitch, the streamer replied: “what’s that?,” indicating that he might move Mixer if the ban is not resolved quickly.

Fousey has a following of 100,000 on Twitch, a rather small figure compared to his 10.6 million on YouTube.

Twitch bans typically last around 24 hours to 30 days depending on the severity of the violation. Repeated offenders can sometimes receive a permanent ban.

With Mixer rising in popularity after picking up Twitch’s star streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins in August and then CS:GO ex-professional player Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek in November, it will not be a surprise if Fousey decides to switch streaming platforms if the ban is not resolved swiftly.

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