Virtual Influencer Miquela Angers Community After Claiming She was Sexually Assaulted

CGI influencer Lil Miquela shared a story of being sexually assaulted which left people gunning for the creators calling them ‘sick’ and ‘gross’.

Lil Miquela, a virtual influencer on Instagram was criticized for a vlog that went viral this week in which she talked about being sexually assaulted in the back of a rideshare.

In the vlog Miquela can be seen talking about another rider making her feel uncomfortable, touching her leg and asking her inappropriate questions. She asks the man to stop it which he does before pinching her.

“Sure enough, I just feel this guy’s cold, meaty hand touch my leg as if he was confirming I’m real. His hand literally lingers there, rubbing my skin,” she said.

However, this story did not go down well with users, since Miquela is not a real person telling a story that never happened to her but has happened to so many actual people.

“Absolutely fucking not. ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT. A virtual project telling me some story of an unreal sexual assault pisses me off just as much as when women lie. It’s a fabrication. A dangerous one. There are ways to make @lilmiquela relatable. This isn’t one of them,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another user wrote, “there is something off putting and wrong with having @lilmiquela telling stories of sexual harassment in the form of a CGI character. victims coming out with their own stories anonymously don’t get taken serious to begin with. what makes an animated character any better?”

One user called out the creators of Lil Miquela for using such a sensitive and real story to make their fake influencer feel real and garner likes.

“sexual harassment/assault isn’t something to toy with in order to play into your fake fucking life, you aren’t real but this story is, to many, MANY ACTUAL human beings, including me. fuck you @lilmiquela.”

Lil Miquela first appeared on Instagram back in 2016. Since then she has managed to accumulate 1.8 million followers and has released her own music album. She describes herself as a ‘change-seeking robot’ and is a supporter of causes like Black Lives Matter and LGBT+ rights.

She was created by Brud back in 2016 for reasons unknown, though some say it was for a social experiment. For whatever reasons the virtual influencer was created, she has managed to grow at an exponential rate.

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Written by Armaghan


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