Virtual Bee Influencer Makes a Buzz on Instagram

The world’s first bee-blogger takes it to Instagram to bring attention to bees’ extinction.

The non-profit environmental organization Bee Fund and the Fondation de France run an Instagram account in the name of a bee-influencer, where they talk about the global problem of insects extinction.

The bee’s account was created back in April, but it attracted the public’s attention only recently. At the time of writing, the virtual bee’s account has over 230,000 followers.

The bee mimics the behavior of a typical human influencer: it makes selfies in the mirror, takes pictures against the backdrop of landmarks and tourist attractions, posts photos and reports from environmental meetings and dresses up for Halloween.

The team behind the project hopes that the huge Instagram following will attract brands. By placing brand advertising in the account, they will raise additional funds to protect bees around the globe. The money generated by the Instagram account will be used to raise awareness among people regarding the importance of insects, and educate and incentivize farmers to use pollinator-friendly techniques.

The Fondation de France was created in 1969. Currently, it is a leading philanthropic network in France that brings together donors, founders, volunteers that work in the environmental field.

Bee populations are declining at a dangerous speed. Bees’ extinction is a big threat to the world’s food supply that depends on pollinators. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) research, 30% of all food consumed by Americans, depends on pollinators, which are most often honey bees.

Bee Fund is not the only organization that tries to draw attention to the extinction of bees. Thus, the world’s biggest portal for adult-only content Pornhub launched its Beesexual channel in partnership with a marketing agency BETC. It features videos where bees pollinate flowers.

The videos have been voiced by famous pornstars, and Pornhub donates to charitable and beekeeping organizations like Honey Bee Research Center and Operation Honey Bee for each view in a new section.

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