Twitch IRL Streamer Banned Indefinitely after Getting Carjacked at Gunpoint

Twitch has banned ‘BeesOnMyHeadTV from the platform after he was shot at and carjacked during streaming.

IRL (in real life) is one of the most popular categories on Twitch, showing streamers as they travel, taste new food, or just hang out and chat with their viewers. Despite its popularity among the community, it has had its fair share of bizarre and unexpected incidents.

One such incident occurred with IRL streamer BeesOnMyHeadTV, who was suddenly shot at and carjacked live on September 14. He later tweeted that he was fine and got out of there safe and sound.

However, Twitch immediately suspended his account, letting the streamer know that he would not be getting it back anytime soon after what thousands of viewers saw.

On September 16, BeesOnMyHeadTV tweeted a screenshot of the suspension notice where Twitch mentions that the ban was intended to protect his privacy.

Fans were furious with the platform’s response to the incident, rallying in support of BeesOnMyHeadTV on Twitter. One posted the following comment:

Another person said Twitch had made the right call in suspending the account and removing the VOD of the gunfire incident.

BeesOnMyHeadTV can put in a request to Twitch to revert the ban. The platform has lifted indefinite bans in the past for the right reasons. In the meantime, the streamer will just have to wait and keep his fans entertained via Twitter.

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