Top Pinterest Influencers Make more Money on Instagram

Even influencers with large followings on Pinterest turn to Instagram for monetization.

Instagram Influencers

Even though influencer marketing is prevalent across all social media, Instagram dominates the space, providing influencers the best opportunities for earnings and growth.

Commenting on the comparison between Pinterest and Instagram, lifestyle influencer Keiko Lynn, who has a massive Pinterest following, told BI that advertisers prefer Instagram for marketing, whereas Pinterest, even with more followers, is an underutilized channel.

Pinterest Influencers

“It’s usually a secondary ask from brands,” said Lynn, about Pinterest. “I think it’s underutilized because I have such a huge amount of eyes on my Pinterest,” she added.

Pinterest, like Instagram, is also a visual content platform, but both have usability and interface differences. Pinterest is more about content curation, whereas Instagram is suitable for content distribution.

Other Pinterest influencers say the platform is great for referral traffic, especially in niches related to home decor, housekeeping, health, beauty, and fitness. However, when it comes to direct monetization, Pinterest has limited demand compared to Instagram, where even a fraction of the same followers can get you big bucks.

Ultimately, however, all major social media channels have their own sets of audiences and influencers, but Instagram is at the forefront of this booming industry. Recently, the Facebook-owned platform decided to hide ‘Likes’ on posts and started testing the Brands Collabs Manager tool, which many believe is a step towards becoming an intermediary between influencers and sponsors.

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