Toddler Becomes Instagram Influencer Raking in More Than £10,000 in Freebies

Sheffield-mother’s 20-month-old toddler son, who is an Instagram influencer, has netted more than £10,000 worth of goods in exchange for shout outs.

A 20-month-old toddler from Sheffield has taken the social media world by storm as he becomes the youngest influencer out there with more than 16,000 followers on Instagram, helping his mum land more than £10,000 worth of goodies.

Natasha Maxwell, 33, mother of the toddler, started the account about a year ago, to store pictures of her son, Parker George. But he quickly became popular for his cute complexion and started to establish a following.

Since then Natasha has been sent more than £10,000 worth of freebies, designer clothes, tickets to Disney on Ice and a fridge freezer, all in exchange for shout outs.

Talking to The Sun’s Fabulous Digital section Natasha said: “I don’t feel bad for getting something out of it too because it does require a lot of work every day. I put a lot of work in and it does take up a lot of my time.”

She continued: “It’s not all about Parker either, it includes the whole family and my feed is very family-oriented. My average screen time on Instagram is nine hours-a-day, so it is like a full-time job for me.”

Natasha, a former dog groomer, started the Instagram page back in December 2018 posting pictures of her eight-month-old son, so her friends and family could see him as he grew up.

Natasha who also has an eight-year-old daughter, Lilly-Rae, saw her page grow steadily, and by July 2019 she had 10,000 followers and brands were handing out free treats for a shout out.

She has been sent prams, high chairs, designer clothes, for posting pictures of the products. She has even been sent a personalized diet and weight loss plan by MuscleFoods worth  £2,000.

She contacted MuscleFoods back in September last year to help her lose weight for her upcoming wedding in January. The company agreed to send her three meals and snacks a day in exchange for posting photos of her progress.

But Natasha says her objective is not to cash in on her kids. “I didn’t start it as a way of using my children to gain anything. I only started the page because it is a place to keep all of my photos in one place for my friends and family to see.”

“People just kept following us and it just grew from there. Now some posts can be seen by 20,000 people – it has just gone crazy.”

Natasha says it is just some harmless fun and that she can not believe how her page has taken off. She also said that she has had some unforgettable experiences last year and will continue to take the freebies as long as it benefits her kids.

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