Swedish Supermarket Chain Launches Virtual Humanoid Baby Influencer

Swedish supermarket chain ICA launched the world’s first-ever virtual baby influencer to promote its new range of baby food.

ICA is a Swedish supermarket chain, focusing mainly on food and health products. The retailer recently launched a virtual humanoid six-month-old baby influencer, Elis.

Elis is a curious, playful and adventurous baby, just like any other six-month-old – except she isn’t real.

ICA first announced Elis on Wednesday in an Instagram post, which has already got more than 2500 people following it.

According to the company’s press statement, the aim of creating Elis is to bring people’s attention to the company’s new wider range of baby foods.

Paula Frösell the ICA’s dietician said: “Becoming a parent for many people is fun, scary and confusing; with Elis we want to help in this confusion and create an entertaining, informative and hopefully very rewarding place where people can get answers on diet, health and everyday things.”

Baby Elis has been a hit with people with some calling her ‘cute’ and others ‘sweet’. But she has not gone down well with everybody with some people horrified by her and others calling her something from a nightmare.

One Twitter user wrote, saying “a baby from a horror film” another Twitter user said “thanks for the inspiration for my nightmares”. Sofia Meaden commented how the baby looked creepy: “Based on the picture alone? Creepy.” While some on Twitter also pointed out the baby looked a lot like the evil doll Chucky, from the Child’s Play movie series.

Alex Black commented “Uncanny valley right there” on The Local’s Facebook page. Touching on the theory of how humanoid objects tend to almost resemble humans giving a terrifying feeling.

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