Spotify Launches a Facebook-Esque Stories Feature for Music Influencers

The platform’s new move to compete with social media gives influencers more ways to interact with their followers.

spotify stories

Although it’s been seen as an on-demand music venue for the internet, Spotify appears to be trying to make itself more social-media-influencer-friendly by introducing a new feature, according to a report by TechCrunch.

Known as Spotify Stories, it will allow influencers to post short introductions to their playlists with video content and clips from some of the songs. At this moment, the feature is being tested with a select group of people.

The first influencer for whom this feature rolled out is Summer Mckeen, a YouTuber with 2.33 million subscribers on the platform, 2.1 million on Instagram, and over 100,000 followers on Spotify. She often shares songs that she likes on the latter, making her a prime candidate to test this rollout.

Her introduction video features a personalized message with clips from some of the songs that are found in the playlist, adding a more human touch to a platform centered around music.

The playlist intro looks eerily similar to Facebook’s “Stories” feature, suggesting that Spotify may be trying to imitate some of the former’s success to remain competitive. So far, the music platform is looking to roll out the feature to other influencers based on follower count and engagement to gain the best metrics on how successful it could be.

Interestingly enough, Spotify seems to be avoiding giving this feature to its artists, which means that the intent of Stories is perhaps to engage the audiences of those who create their own playlists rather than developing a way for artists to promote themselves.

The difference between Spotify Stories and similar features released on platforms like Facebook and Instagram is that this doesn’t appear to be an attempt to create more social interaction. Spotify isn’t trying to become a social network, but instead is providing tools to influencers that allow them to promote their playlists in the places where they have the most followers.

Using this strategy, Spotify gets to piggyback on top of social media to gain more engagement with its users.

Whether that strategy works or not depends on how important it is for influencers to promote the music they listen to.

According to a Spotify spokesperson who spoke to TechCrunch, the purpose of testing this feature is “an effort to improve our user experience”.

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