Snapchat’s First Global Ad Campaign Takes a Jab at Instagram

Snapchat has launched a global ad campaign dubbed “Real Friends,” part of it comprising a “hashtag takeover” on rival social media platform Instagram

Tuesday saw the launch of Snapchat’s first global ad campaign, which runs under the slogan “Real Friends.” The initiative involved a “hashtag takeover” on Instagram, the rival social media platform owned by Facebook.

“Snapchat is for real friends, so today we’re launching a celebration of the friends who share, laugh, love, and connect with each other using our platform. Featuring more than 70 Snapchatters from 12 different countries, ‘Real friends’ shares the stories behind real friendships around the world,” chief marketing officer Kenny Mitchell commented in an interview with CNBC.

The company puts an emphasis on how friends can express themselves and share their feelings with people they care about.

The ads marked with Snap’s signature yellow color and ghost logo are posted on Instagram via dozen of partner “Quotefluencer” accounts. These are high-profile accounts, which usually post inspirational quotes, are now flooded with words about friendship marked with #realfriends and #friendshipquotes hashtags.

Instagram has also had its share of taking digs at Snapchat and has even engaged in some activities that are not quite innocent. Facebook’s platform copied several of Snapchat’s features, including Stories and augmented reality camera effects.

Launched on International Friendship Day, the campaign comes on the heels of Snap’s estimate-beating second-quarter results. The parent company of Snapchat said the platform had attracted 13 million new users against projections for 2 million. These and other figures helped to alleviate the concern of investors and advertisers that the company is facing bleak prospects and sluggish growth.

Currently, Snapchat has about 203 million daily active users, with 83 million of those coming from North America and 64 million from Europe.

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