Shroud Pessimistic about Apex Legends Solo Mode

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is not confident that Apex Legends’ much-awaited solo game mode will do well.

The ex-CS:GO professional ranks as the second most-watched Twitch streamer and has over 6.8 million followers on the platform. Having played his fair share of Battle Royales, he offered his thoughts on why Apex Legends solo mode will not be as successful as fans expect.

Apex Legends Battle Royale, which came out at the beginning of 2019, took the scene by surprise as it surpassed Fortnite in the first couple of months after its initial release. It was developed by Respawn Entertainment as a three-person team game, with each character bringing a different set of skills to the table.

Streaming on August 7, Grzesiek opined that the core design of the game is not made to be played solo. The main concern would be balancing the abilities of the characters in comparison to team play.

When asked by one of his subscribers how he thinks Respawn will balance the game for solo mode, he replied:

“Chances are they’re not going to. Which is why the game isn’t going to be very good in solos. I don’t think it will be that popular in solos.”

Shroud continued:

“I think it will come out, limited time, for two weeks, people are going to try it, they are going to hate it. And they are going to pull it in two weeks and then they probably won’t do it again.”

He went on to explain how the game would have to be rebalanced and restructured to make it viable in solo mode, but he voiced confidence that Respawn would not take such an approach.

Respawn Entertainment said the solo mode was one of the most frequently requested features by fans. It remains to be seen what reception the community will give to the eagerly awaited mode and what the consensus about it is.

The solo mode will be live from August 13 to August 27 and will be a limited-time mode labeled as “The Iron Crown Collection Event.”

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