Serbian Instagrammer Jailed For Possession Of Firearms Intended For Montenegro Gang

Serbian Instagram Influencer Radojka Kecman jailed for 30 days for the possession of assault rifles that she was allegedly holding for a Balkan crime gang.

Radojka Kecman, a singer and Instagram star was jailed for 30 days after an arsenal of weapons was seized from her apartment in Novi Sad during a police raid last week.

The 25-year-old who has 21.8k followers on Instagram was charged for illegal possession, manufacturing, and trafficking of weapons. Police confiscated 2 assault rifles in her apartment.

Police later conducted a second raid at her friend’s place, a Swedish national, Svetozar Zivkovic, in the village of Bajmok near Subotica.

The police recovered 11 Kalashnikovs, 11 air pistols converted to firearms, 10 silencers, and a large number of ammunition from the Swede, according to the Serbian Ministry of Interior.

According to reports, local authorities believe the pair is part of an organised criminal group and members are fearful the artist may confess everything she knows while in custody, leading to more arrests.

“Kecman is worried about her arrest. She cries all the time and is very scared of prison,” an anonymous source told local media. The source continued that the weapons were new and the evidence indicates that the couple was keeping them for someone else.

Borba, a Montenegrin newspaper, said that the weapons were for the Skaljar Klan, an organized crime group based in Kotor, Montenegro. The Skaljar Klan is reportedly at war with the Kavac Klan after the robbery of 200kg of cocaine back in 2014 in Valencia, Spain.

One of the rifles seized by the police was covered in a flammable liquid, a technique supposedly used by the criminals to allow them to get rid of them quickly, and to erase any evidence.

An investigation is underway and the police are trying to determine where the weapons came from and who they were intended for. Radojka and her accomplice are reportedly being kept in custody for 30 days as the police conduct their investigation.

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