Russian Instagram Influencer Found Murdered

A 24-year-old Russian Instagrammer has been found dead in her rented apartment in Moscow, her naked body covered in knife wounds.

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Ekaterina Karaglanova, a Russian Instagram influencer, was discovered brutally murdered in her Moscow flat by her parents. They contacted the authorities after she failed to get in touch with them for several days, local media outlet Moskovsky Komsomolets writes, citing the police report.

The 24-year-old medical school graduate lived alone in a rented flat and traveled a lot. She shared her traveling experiences with over 90,000 followers on Instagram, who often likened her appearance to that of film star Audrey Hepburn.

The girl’s parents grew worried as she had not answered their calls and failed to get in touch in the days before her planned trip to the Netherlands. She was going to celebrate her 25th birthday there with her new boyfriend.

They got into the flat after contacting her landlord only to discover her naked and tortured body with multiple knife wounds in a suitcase on the floor.

The police did not find any evidence of a struggle. However, CCTV footage had captured Ekaterina’s former boyfriend visiting her in the days around her disappearance. The investigators think she might have been killed out of jealousy.

The social media influencer often posted pictures of herself in various European locations. She also maintained a popular travel blog, which had thousands of subscribers.

In March, Ekaterina wrote that she was going to redecorate her apartment, travel a lot and study cosmetology. She also hinted at another important event.

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Привет, Москва! ?? Вот и подошла к концу наша короткая, но очень весёлая поездка на Корфу. Было очень кстати на несколько деньков сбежать от проливных дождей и холода к Ионическому морю. Вообще, если честно, не люблю долгий отдых. Путешествую часто, но в каждой стране провожу не более чем 3-5 дней. Самое длительное путешествие за всю жизнь было в Израиль с семьей , когда мне было лет 14. Мы тогда ездили в гости на целый месяц, объехали всю страну. Сейчас же предпочитаю путешествовать очень часто, но коротко, учеба и работа не отпускают. Зато впечатления от таких коротких поездок остаются самые яркие ? Детально помню каждый свой трип, все красивые места, смешные истории. В голове ничего не смешалось, как думают многие .? С каждой страной связано что-то своё ? Расскажите про свои самые яркие путешествия, как вы обычно любите отдыхать? #traveler#travelife#travelove#luxurytravel#travelgirl#traveltheworld#traveladdicted#traveladdict#travelblog#travelgoals#agentprovocatuer#travelpost#travelgrams#styleblogger#travelwithme#style#styles#outfit#Kati_travels#korfu#korfuisland#travelgirl#teavelgirlsgo

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Her last post features an image of herself on the Greek island of Corfu. She wrote that she had a fun trip as it was good to escape from rainy Moscow to the sunny shores of the Ionian Sea. She added that she liked frequent but short trips and preferred to stay no more than three to five days in each country.

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