PewDiePie Becomes First Independent YouTube Influencer to reach 100 Million Subscribers

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg reached another milestone as he became the only individual content creator on YouTube to hit 100 million subscribers on August 24.

PewDiePie, is a huge internet personality and a full-time streamer on DLive from Sweden. But, what he is best known for is his comedic and sometimes controversial content on YouTube. Following this success of content creation coupled with 9 years of hard work the YouTuber finally managed to hit the 100 million subscriber milestone making him the only individual to do so.

Felix, who had been in a tug of war with the Indian based company T-Series on who would reach 100 million subscribers on YouTube, came in second. Despite coming in second he is still the first individual content creator to achieve such a massive fan following.

The Swedes’ channel grew rapidly last year in August as fans rallied behind him to keep him on top as the most subscribed content creator on YouTube against T-Series an Indian owned corporate channel. The feud between the fans would sometimes become heated and racist with PewDiePie himself dissing T-Series in a music video, which led to a lawsuit filed by the Indian corporation.

His channel saw a sudden growth in June 2019 after the feud was over. With the 29-year-old pumping out daily Minecraft episodes which skyrocketed the game’s popularity in the coming weeks.

The milestone was hit Saturday night after which the YouTube King showed his appreciation towards his fans in a tweet: “We did it! What an unreal achievement! 100 000 000 thanks to all of you for the endless support and effort! I don’t feel worthy, but I’m forever grateful.”

Felix, who first started uploading videos on his YouTube channel back in 2010, first came to popularity with his ‘Let’s Play’ series of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. He started to see a sudden growth on his channel and in no time took over Smosh in 2013 to take his spot as the most subscribed person on the platform.

PewDiePie is undeniably having one of the best years of his life after returning to his roots, marrying his longtime partner/girlfriend and hitting the long-awaited milestone.

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