Petition Seeks Brooke Houts Ouster from YouTube after Shocking Dog Abuse Video

YouTuber Brooke Houts has shocked the community after abusing her dog on camera.

Popular YouTube vlogger Brooke Houts appalled internet users after accidentally uploading an unedited video that shows her beating and spitting on her dog. The scandalous clip left people shocked and furious.

Houts, who has gained popularity by sharing personal and humorous videos about her daily life, is now facing the threat of being banned from YouTube after several petitions were filed to get her kicked off the platform.

The incident, which took place in early August, is under investigation by the Los Angeles police. Meanwhile, a petition on has gained momentum, collecting 51,000 signatures in favor of banning the 20-year-old, who has 320,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Houts took to Twitter to post an apology, stating that she should not have gotten as angry as she did despite being frustrated.

However, Nina France, who started the petition, was not having any of Houts’ apologies. She commented:

“Does having a bad day excuse hitting your dog? How about pinning your dog to the ground and spitting on him? Does anything excuse this? No one hits and spits on a living creature by mistake. If this is what Houts is comfortable doing on camera, what could she be doing to her dog off camera?”

While YouTube is yet to issue a statement regarding the petition, other social media personalities have condemned the behavior. Popular podcaster Ethan ‘H3H3’ Klein even offered to buy the Doberman, whose name is Sphinx.

“Im in la and will literally buy your dog from you name any price, he really does need a new home.”

Whether Houts is permanently banned from YouTube is anyone’s guess, but as more people sign the petition, the platform will soon have to address the matter and pick a side.

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