Ogilvy, Takumi Join Forces to Tackle Influencer Fraud

Ogilvy UK has partnered with Takumi to expand its marketing tool InfluenceO.

UK-based advertising and marketing agency Ogilvy has forged a partnership with Takumi to promote its proprietary tool InfluenceO and help marketers and brands address the risks arising from influencer fraud, Prolific London reports.

Fake followers, bought likes, and other dishonest influencer practices are problems that may cost brands and advertisers $1.3 billion this year, according to research conducted by economist Roberto Cavazos from the University of Baltimore and cybersecurity company Cheq.

To fight this trend, Ogilvy has developed InfluenceO, a tool allowing marketers to efficiently manage their relations with influencers and measure their performance in compliance with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Due to the integrated function of real-time performance measurement, users of InfluenceO can detect fake followers and fight influencer fraud.

The partnership with Takumi, which positions itself as a bridge between brands and Instagram creators, will scale the tool by incorporating multi-market campaigns. Rahul Titus, head of influence at Ogilvy UK, commented as follows:

“As more and more businesses are realizing the impact of influence, we’ve experienced phenomenal growth in this area, especially as clients require influencer marketing not just across their offering, but across countries as well. The world of influence is changing dramatically, and brands need to harness the full spectrum of influencers to cut through the noise.”

The rapid growth of influencer marketing has changed the landscape of the industry in recent years. As brands and advertisers seek new ways to promote their products and services via social media channels, it is vital to provide them with reliable tools and make sure that the right brands work with the right influencers.

“We are delighted to be working on this partnership with Ogilvy, executing localized campaigns with influencers in multiple languages. Our fantastic team and multi-market capabilities have created this exciting opportunity for brands to tap into the powerful creativity and influence of our Instagram content creators at scale,” Takumi CEO Adam Williams added.

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