Ninja to Stream First Gears of War 5 Campaign on Mixer

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins finally broke the silence, revealing that he will streaming the exclusive Microsoft Xbox franchise game Gears of War 5 on Mixer.

Ninja who switched to Mixer back in August left his fans and the gaming community surprised. This left everyone to speculate that there was a bigger picture to all this rather than just switching streaming platforms.

In an announcement on September 2 Ninja said: “Microsoft is hooking me up with a surprise for you guys! Its the reason I have not been live yet but I get to reveal it tomorrow.”

After the announcement a lot of his old Halo fans were excited thinking that he was going to be going back to his roots, promoting the upcoming Halo: Infinite due to his past connection with the series.

However, he revealed that he will be partnering with Microsoft to bring Gears of Wars 5 campaign playthrough. “Partnering with Microsoft to bring you the first-ever Gears of war 5 campaign playthrough tonight at 5 central! Check out the Trailer here and I’ll see you tonight at” This left some fans upset as they had expected to see the Halo champion back on the Xbox showing off his Halo skills.

Gears will be out in just 3 days it will be a direct sequel to Gear 4 with the story picking up from where it left off. But if you can’t wait you can just go and watch Ninja who will stream it live later in the day.

It is no surprise that Microsoft employed Tyler and gave him early access to the game. It has been rumored that the partnership runs deeper than just streaming on Mixer. It is believed that Ninja will be the brand’s face for future endeavors. With the new Halo: Infinite which is expected to drop next year and the upcoming Xbox Scarlett we can sure be that Ninja will be featuring as a gaming influencer for Microsoft in the coming years.

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