Move Over Influencers, This House on Instagram has Over 450K Followers

An Instagram influencer’s home is, in fact, a celebrity with nearly half a million followers.

Although Instagram is normally a network centered around people, 41-year-old Erin Vogelpohl has actually grown an audience of nearly 450 thousand followers who are far more engaged with her house in her account, @mytexashouse.

For Vogelpohl, managing the superstar takes a serious amount of work, as she is married with three children who all live inside it. Because her house is the centerpiece of her Instagram account, she cannot just buy furniture for its function. The furniture also has to be photogenic.

“The house does feel a little less like my own because so many people know it. So many people have seen inside every space. I don’t want to entertain because it’s my workspace—literally, the whole thing,” she said.

Others have taken to taking photos of their home projects, like Nina Williams, the owner of the @ninawilliams account with over 100 thousand followers. Until recently, she lived with her family in a large house in Des Moines but has since sold it earlier this year.

She now lives in a place she rents but has shifted the focus away from her current space to a new house being built on a 40-acre property. This leaves her free to “enjoy a few months of living outside the internet fishbowl, and indulge in decorating sins like covering the refrigerator with magnets and her children’s drawings.”

Even if these accounts don’t have the typical “Instagram style” focuses, they still have brands aplenty knocking at their doors, quite literally. Erin Vogelpohl, for example, does collaborations with brands like Pottery Barn and Container Store who are more than willing to shell out cash for her to feature products of theirs in her home.

It may not be an easy job to make one’s home the object of an audience of hundreds of thousands of people’s attention, but it also leaves room for flexibility.

Vogelpohl still engages people with her stories about makeup, parenting, and cooking. Nina Williams talks about her family and her travels.

The takeaway here is that Instagram is a place where people can experiment with different subjects, and houses can apparently be influencers alongside their owners.

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