Mexican Instagram Influencer Shot to Death in Local Bar

Popular Mexican Instagrammer Araceli Jimenez was murdered in a suspected drug cartel shooting in July.

A Mexican social media influencer was shot to death in a local bar called Cheleria, allegedly in the course of drug cartel violence. Araceli Jimenez, known as ‘Keilanny Boo,’ died on July 16, but the Mexican authorities confirmed the murder only recently, media outlet El Universal reports.

Jimenez had over 59,000 followers on Instagram and 136,000 subscribers on Facebook, though these numbers increased significantly after her death. She was also popular on YouTube, where she posted humorous videos of herself and her boyfriend.

The young woman lived in the Nezahualcoyotl municipality, near Mexico City, and was killed at one of the local bars. According to the police reports, she was involved with the drug cartel La Unión Tepito, and her death is related to cartel business.

While there is no clear evidence that Jimenez was part of the cartel, some of the photos she uploaded to her social media accounts support this inference. In one of them, the influencer posted a photo of herself with a gun pointing at the camera. Also, she had a picture of an assault rifle with her name spelled out with the bullets.

State prosecutors are investigating the case. No arrests have been made so far.

The reaction of the community was mixed, with some people pointing out that she led a dangerous life and was allegedly involved in blackmailing a politician.

One of her friends expressed condolences over the death of the young woman, writing on Facebook:

“Thanks, daughter, sister, mum, and friend… Take care of yourself in that place wherever you are, sending kisses to the sky.”

Another Instagram influencer was recently murdered in Moscow, Russia. Ekaterina Karaglanova was found dead and stuffed in a suitcase in her rented apartment, with numerous knife wounds on her body. The police have arrested her boyfriend, Maxim Gareyev, who has confessed to her murder.

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