Landlord Reveals Filthy Reality Behind Chinese Influencer’s Glamorous Lifestyle

A frustrated landlord, known only by her surname Chen, has exposed the disgusting condition of her apartment which was rented by Chinese social media influencer Lisa Li.

Ms Chen has filmed the revolting flat, which was in sharp contrast to the luxury-laden life Lisa displayed on her Sina Weibo channel. The property was covered with dog excrements, moldy food, and rubbish — a mess that even professional cleaners reportedly refused to take on.

The landlady said in an interview with local media outlet Pear Video last week that she was forced to reveal the shocking reality about Lisa’s lifestyle after the property in Xi’an, northern China, fell into squalor. Ms Chen also claimed that her tenant owed her 3,000 yuan ($420) in pending utilities. After trying to contact Lisa multiple times without success, the frustrated owner had no choice but to contact the police about the damage and unpaid bills.

Lisa regularly posts about her lavish vacations, stylish wardrobe, and fine-dinning experiences. After the footage went viral many of her 1.1 million followers on Weibo slammed the influencer for the fake image, filthy habits, and lack of consideration. A hashtag translating to “female internet celebrity left apartment full of poop when she moved out” has been circulating over the platform, with millions of users viewing it and commenting on the news.

After the public backlash, Lisa met Ms Chen, apologized to her, and promised to clean the mess. The online celebrity explained she had been away on a business trip and did not want to leave her dog elsewhere. As for why she couldn’t be contacted, Lisa said she had been very busy and had seemingly missed her landlord’s calls.

“Complete responsibility lies with me on this incident,” Lisa told Ms Chen in a separate video shared on Weibo after the scandal broke. The social media influencer was then filmed shaking hands with the landlady and cleaning up the apartment.

This incident may be yet another example of the difference between Instagram and real life.

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