Jake Paul Quitting YouTube Due to 4 Lawsuits; Intends to Focus on Boxing

Popular YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul revealed that he will be quitting YouTube due to legal reasons and regulations.

Jake Paul has been one of the top YouTubers for some years now, but it seems he has finally made up his mind about quitting the video streaming platform.

Jake who has 19.7 million subscribers on YouTube has talked about leaving the platform in the past but it looks like this time the boxer is serious about it. He released a video on November 27 titled “I’m quitting youtube. here’s why.”

The video features Jake traveling to SanDiego with his pals for a boxing training camp with professional boxer Ryan Garcia. While talking to Garcia, Jake admitted that he was done with YouTube.

One of the major reasons Jake mentions for quitting YouTube are the four lawsuits he has faced from YouTube for making some videos. Jake has mentions YouTube’s strict rules about videos being child-friendly.

“Why am I like, waking up every single day to film YouTube videos that are just getting me in trouble? Getting me in lawsuits – like, I have four lawsuits from filming YouTube videos, when I can do something I love waking up and doing that pushes me mentally to a place that I haven’t ever been before?” said Paul.

Jake has talked about boxing in the past but he became serious about the sport as a professional career after he lost to YouTuber Deji by KO in 2018.

He did admit that he wouldn’t completely stop making videos on YouTube, but that he’s taking a step back from content creation to pursue boxing and focus on his training.

“I’ll always produce YouTube content. “But I think waking up and having YouTube be the only thing on your mind is a lot of YouTubers’ mentalities.”

Just this month Jake posted an Instagram story where fans could ask him questions. One fan asked if he was really going to stop YouTube for boxing. To which he replied:

With boxing on his mind Jake is yet to announce an opponent, but he hopes to face off against KSI, Joe Weller or his rival Deji, who has just announced about making a comeback to boxing.

Meanwhile, Jake’s brother, Logan Paul, is also into boxing and recently filed an appeal against the decision in his recent fight against KSI.

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