Instagram Wellness Influencer Says Shampoos Make You Gain Weight

Instagram influencer Eleni Chechopoulos left her followers confused after she warned them that their shampoo could be making them gain weight.

Eleni Chechopoulos a wellness influencer on Instagram who has 11.4k followers warned her followers that their daily hair products could be making them gain weight, making it harder for them to get in shape.

Eleni who goes by the name of ‘keepyourkefi’ on Instagram shared a post of her looking at a Pantene bottle captioned with: “Is your shampoo making you gain weight?!”

“Managing your weight isn’t only about calories in vs calories out!”. She continued “Even though you eat healthy and exercise every day, you still might battle the scale because of your SHAMPOO.”

Chechopoulos went on to explain ‘obesogens’ a group of chemicals said to impact how your body creates and manages fat, claiming they exist in shampoos and other products.

However, according to Eleni its not just shampoos we should we be worried about. In her post she goes on to name a number of things that contain obesogens, including toothpaste, shower curtains, grocery store receipts, face wash, perfume, makeup and many more.

The San Francisco based influencer put forward the study of mice being exposed to obesogenic chemicals: “Mice studies have shown that two mice can be given the same exact diet and have the same activity level, but the mouse who was exposed to an obesogenic chemical continued to gain lots of weight throughout its life, while the unexposed mouse remained thin.”

Her theory isn’t far fetched, in 2006 National Institute of Environmental Health Studies described a type of chemical that impacts hormones. The chemicals were named as endocrine disruptors. These endocrine disruptors disrupt the hormones involved in weight management.

While obesogens don’t directly cause obesity, poor eating habits and absence of exercise can do that. Obesogens can cause fat accumulation, by increasing a person’s fat storage volume or increasing the size and amount of fat cells they have.

Eleni concluded her post by warning her followers to avoid antibacterials, which can distort the skin’s microbiome. Stating that antimicrobials including triclosan and triclocarban have been banned by the FDA from hand and body soaps, because they can impact thyroid function. However, those chemicals can still be found in toothpaste, mouthwash, face wash, dish soap, deodorant, makeup, and hand soap.

People were not happy with the influencer calling her ‘fatphobic’ forcing the influencer to disable comments on her post and go private.

However, people took to other social media platforms to give their opinions.

Plus size blogger Chloe Elliott took to twitter saying “This is next level fatphobic.”

Another wrote: “This is so dangerous to promote!. When my eating disorder was at its worst this would have badly triggered me and would have just given me another thing to obsess over.”

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