Instagram Wants its Share of the Influencer Marketing Pie; Testing Brand Collabs Manager

Instagram has started testing a tool that will help brands find and partner with content creators/influencers who suit their advertising goals.

The biggest image-sharing app, Instagram, has started testing the Brand Collabs Manager, a tool that will provide brands and companies with valuable insights about influencers and marketing campaigns’ performance to make informed decisions when entering partnership deals with content creators on the platform, Vogue Business reports.

In recent years Instagram influencer marketing has grown into an industry that generates an income worth $8 billion and has an army of specialized marketing agencies and advertising firms. Now the platform wants to get more involved in the industry it helped create and have its fair share of the profits.

While the tool is in a test mode, Instagram is gathering insight about features, statistical, and analytical data useful for brands and creators. Its parent company Facebook has been using Brand Collabs Manager since February 2018.

The new Instagram tool offers brands familiar options like specifying the desired audience characteristics, such as country, age, gender, and area of interest. Also, they will be able to track the campaign performance and promote the content created by an influencer in the feed.

With Brand Collabs Manager, Instagram will have more control over the marketing activity on the platform that is considered the most efficient influencer marketing channel by 78% of US marketers, according to eMarketer research.

Instagram says the tool will make it easier for creators to monetize content so that they can focus on quality and drive value for brands.

“We want to help creators make a living on the platform, and we want to help brands find the audiences that are most relevant to them. So we think when done well, this can be a win-win-win for creators, brands, and people,” Instagram director of product marketing Susan Buckner Rose commented.

Brand Collabs Manager works as a matchmaking tool that helps a brand choose an influencer based on a set of criteria, including influencer’s description, follower count, and content category. Initially, 40 US-based Instagram influencers selected by Instagram will participate in the pilot project. Going forwards, creators must apply to join in the Brand Collabs Manager. Brands can get access to the tool only if they are existing advertisers.

Recently, Instagram started hiding likes in a bid to build a healthier and more transparent ecosystem where influencers focus on the quality of the content rather than the number of likes it gathers.

The move inspired a lot of heated discussions in the community. Some influencers and experts aired the view that the real motives behind this “likeless” policy were to raise its profile in the influencer marketing industry.

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