Instagram vs Real Life: This Influencer Shares Expectation vs Reality Photos

Rianne Meijer posts both her polished Instagram photos with unprocessed ones to show the difference between Instagram and reality.

An Amsterdam-based style and beauty influencer Rianne Meijer posts unfiltered and unprocessed pictures of herself next to polished photos to show the difference between real life and Instagram.

Rianne Meijer’s Instagram account with over 400,000 followers is full of exquisite and beautiful images of herself against gorgeous backgrounds and glamorous settings. However, occasionally, she posts something unusually refreshing: images where she puts a glamorous shot next to the outtake. These “expectations vs. reality” photos reveal how far from real-life Instagram visuals can be.

Nowadays people often go to extremes to show how they live an enviable life. However, the 26-year-old Rianne is not afraid to keep it real. She shares her photoshoot “bloopers” to help her followers to draw a distinct line between life and social media. Rianne says that being an influencer she feels responsible for giving her followers a reality check.

“I want to show that photos people see on Instagram, especially from influencers, aren’t ever really real. I feel like I’ve found my voice through this project, and I want to keep building a community around this that builds on the positive message,” she explained in the interview with INSIDER.

She confessed that at first, she had been nervous as people might consider her a fraud and bombard her with negative comments. But her followers loved the idea of her side-by-side photos.

“I got thousands of people commenting. A lot of people thanked me for sharing these images because they felt like they never saw this before on Instagram,” she said.

While some people unfollowed her when she started posting her photoshoot outtakes. However, she attracted a new audience and received tons of positive comments. Notably, some brands approached her with the request to do advertising for them in this format.

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