Instagram to Crack Down on Influencer Posts Promoting Vaping, Tobacco and Weapons

Instagram will start taking action against posts advertising vaping, tobacco and arms while also offering a new way for influencers to work with brands.

Instagram announced on 18 December that it will be cracking down on posts that advertise vapes, tobacco and weapons. It said though the company has always had a strict policy against such branded posts, and will start imposing the rules more firmly.

The Facebook-owned social media platform also said that it will be working to implement a special restrictions policy for alcohol and diet supplements. This new policy will let influencers add an age limit for their posts and content. A spokesperson for Instagram said the new rule will be implemented in the coming weeks.

Instagram also said that it will be giving selected content creators access to Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager. This will allow Instagram influencers to find sponsors for their content and manage their deals. The tool allows creators to automatically share their data and show the performance of sponsored posts. In the past influencers would send screenshots of their metrics or gave access to their account through a third party app so brands could check their metrics.

A change like this was expected since Instagram’s removal of likes, which was one of the most reliable ways for brands to find the best suited and most popular content creators for their products.

Instagram wrote in a blog post that it was aware of the concerns influencers faced from the removal of likes. “We recognize like counts are an important metric for creators, and are actively working to give professional accounts the flexibility to share relevant engagement metrics, including like counts, with their business partners through new account settings.”

With Instagram recognizing influencers’ work, they will be responsible for what influencers promote and sell. In the past if influencers would use strange and unconventional ways to make money the company would let it slide by saying this was out of the companies reach and there was nothing they could do about it. But with the company keeping track of influencers money source and recognizing their work it will be held responsible for any rules they break, which is why it will be important to remove posts that violate Instagram’s rules.

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