Instagram Moves to Push Content Creation with Dedicated @Creators Account

Instagram has launched a new tool meant to encourage users to publish more content. The dedicated @creators account went live on Monday, promising to provide wannabe influencers with advice on how to become more active and successful on the platform.

“Learn how to up your game as a content creator, not only from us at Instagram, but from the creators you admire the most. We’ll be sharing insights, tips & tricks and YES, we’ll be talking about the algorithm,” the @creators team wrote in one of the account’s first posts.

Prominent Instagram creators, including musician Indiana, dancer Susie Meoww and comedian Lauren Godwin, have been featured in the dedicated page to present and explain different aspects of Instagram and the opportunities the platform offers to users, as well as specific tactics for creating more engaging content.

In the first episode of the #HowICreate series, comedian Adam Waheed reveals his “intense” posting strategy, which helped him turn “his love of creating hilarious skits on Instagram into a successful business”.

@creators also answers some frequently asked questions about Instagram’s algorithmic feed, verification, and comment filtering tool. Addressed in the account’s first story, the queries also revolve around IGTV. The long-form video arm of the platform is the main area of growth for the company, according to Justin Antony, head of content and creator partnerships at Instagram.

While the @creators account is a helpful tool for influencers, users still expect Instagram to offer a way to monetize their content creating efforts. To date, Instagramers do not get any incentive to use the Facebook-owned application, unlike YouTubers who earn money directly from video views. However, influencers are soon to be offered more exposure to third-party sponsors, Antony told the Verge earlier this year.

“We’ve always said that IGTV is going to be the first monetizable platform on Instagram. It’s just a matter of when, and I’m sure there’s more to come on that,” he was quoted as saying. “The creators that are really leaning into it, being native to it, creating an audience there, will be the stars of tomorrow.”

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