Instagram Influencer’s Advice on Positive Money Mindset Sparks Criticism

Alyse Parker, a self-proclaimed “mindset coach,” has come under fire for a controversial Instagram post about money.

Last week, the 25-year-old influencer wrote to her nearly 210,000 followers that “money is merely a form of energetic exchange,” and if people changed their “mindset” about money, it could improve their financial standing.

“In Alignment Accelerator I teach you my proven systems to help you rise above the beliefs that are holding you back,” Parker added, advertising her motivational program.

According to its official website, the 10-week online course can help people “gain clarity, have unshakeable confidence, and finally take deliberate action towards creating your dream life.”

Parker’s post has sparked criticism from users who described her statement as “privileged” and “over-simplistic.” The Instagrammer has been deleting most of the negative threads, saying that they come from “a place of constructive criticism” and don’t align with the “proactive and positive environment” she strives to maintain on her page. The explanation was given to BuzzFeed News, which reached out to the influencer for a comment.

Parker, who is also an active vlogger with 737,000 YouTube subscribers, went on to defend herself, stressing that her intent was to “help others find freedom and abundance.”

“I understand that my perspective on money is triggering to some people who are currently experiencing financial hardship. But the point I want to get across is that keeping a closed mind is only going to keep them there,” Parker told BuzzFeed.

While acknowledging her privileges in one of the deleted discussions below her post, Parker also told the news site that she herself had struggled financially and was on food stamps at one point in her life before changing her mindset and beliefs surrounding money.

The social media buzz has apparently affected Parker’s Instagram account and the mindset coach has lost nearly 500 followers since sharing the controversial post.

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