Instagram Influencer’s Account Deleted After Complaining About Receiving D**k Pictures From Stranger

London influencer Venus Libido had her account deleted after filing a complaint against a man for sending her unsolicited nude pictures.

Venus Libido a 28-year-old Instagram influencer from London was left flabbergasted when she received unwanted nude pictures of a man followed by insulting messages.

Horrified and disgusted by the images the influencer decided to post the messages to her social media censoring the images and the man’s username and reporting the account to bring awareness about the harassment.

However she was left shocked and confused when Instagram deleted her account.  She told Huffington Post: “I’ve built my account up over two years, and it felt like it was being ripped away from me for speaking out.”  

The man also sent abusive messages with the pictures. “Enjoy the view,” said one message. When Venus ignored the message, this prompted the man to send another message: “B**** I know you read it say something.”

The 28-year-old went on to block and report the account while posting the images (which were blurred out) and messages to her Instagram where she has 128k followers.

But the man contacted her again, threatening her through two different accounts.

“WTF take that down bict [sic]/,” he wrote. “My f******** girl could see this … your done!!”

Venus went on to report the man again but was informed that the man had not violated any community guidelines. But instead, she was told by Instagram that she had violated their policies, which they did not specify, and went on to remove her post.

Angered, the influencer took to social media explaining the situation and criticizing Instagram for not taking action against her harasser.

“I reported this to Instagram who after 10 mins sent me an update saying that he wasn’t going against any of their community guidelines,” she wrote.

However, Instagram shut down her account, before deleting it. This left the influencer frustrated and worried. She appealed about the deletion of her account, which was restored.

Shortly after having her account back online the influencer received another message from the same man which another image saying: “I hope that teached you a lesson getting your account removed!!”

He went on to send her more rude messages calling her a ‘dumb sl**’ and boring.

When contacted by Huffington Post about the ongoing harassment against Venus, a Facebook spokesperson said: “@venuslibido didn’t violate our policies and we apologize for the mistakes we made when reviewing content on her account,” the spokesperson said. “We have taken steps to stop the individual harassing @venuslibido from returning to Instagram.”

But Venus says Instagram is notorious for banning and silencing women, and while the social media giant says that her post was removed by error, it has still not been restored.

“How is it that Instagram cracks down so hard on things like female nipples, but they’ll continue to let a man send me photos of his genitals even after I’ve reported him over and over again?”

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