Instagram Influencer Gave Poor Yelp Review To Restaurant For Not Accepting Free Publicity As Payment

Influencer gives a restaurant a bad review and 1 star on Yelp for not giving discounts after she told them about sharing her wonderful experience with her followers on Instagram.

Influencers with large social media following can have a huge impact on any business. Influencers are paid in advance to promote a certain product or restaurant in order to boost the popularity of the product or place.

However, in this case, one influencer decided to pay the restaurant with “Likes” after walking in and eating their food. And when they didn’t accept the offer, they got slammed with a bad review on Yelp.

A Reddit user shared the screenshot of the Yelp review on the Reddit community page r/trashy. In the screenshot it can be seen they have rated the restaurant a 1 star after they refused to let them eat for free for some Instagram clout.

“I’m giving 1 star because of the cheap management and customer service. I heard the food was very good so i went to try. Me and the BF got the calamari, spaghetti alle vongole, and gnocchi. All were very delicious.”

Despite the 1 star the Yelper calls the food ‘delicious’. They were even impressed by the manager. Surely the manager was also delighted to hear about them sharing their experience with others and their followers.

But the reviewer has other plans: “I was wrong. I thought that she would be greatful for the free advertising but when the check came there was literally no discount at all. I thought at least one of the entress would be taken off but they didnt even take off the calamari or even the drinks!.”

The review concludes with the reviewer claiming of never going back to the restaurant because of how poorly they were treated. While the review no longer exists on Yelp, other Reddit users shared their experiences.

One wrote about how a woman walked into the brewery where he worked and loved the beer, that she even asked for a few to-go. “I rang her up and handed her the bill, and she stared at me for a second before asking me to look at her phone, where she had pulled up her Yelp profile. Something like 1,200 reviews, she was “certified” (whatever the fuck that means) and she pointed to her bill after showing me her phone and coughed in that condescending way that people do when they think they’re above the “staff”.”

He continued: “I asked if she didn’t want her beers- I had stood there and written the names on the cans as she listed them. She told me, and I quote: ‘Well, I just thought, you know, I can make or break your brewery with my review’.”

Influencers don’t just exist on Instagram. Yelpers believe they are influencers with enough power to break or make a business. As they keep playing this influencer card at restaurants.

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