Influencers Caught Willing to Promote Diet Drink Containing Cyanide

Influencers got caught agreeing to promote cyanide diet drink not ready for production.

Three reality stars turned influencers were caught agreeing to promote a fake ‘poisonous’ diet drink containing hydrogen cyanide, named Cyanora, in a sting operation.

Lauren Goodger, Mike Hassini and Zara Holland were filmed secretly for a BBC Three documentary ‘Blindboy Undestroys The World’. The influencers were asked to advertise the diet drink which was not ready for production.

The purpose of the sting was to investigate whether celebrities and influencers actually test the products they are promoting to their followers and if they bother reading the ingredients mentioned on the product label.

Hydrogen cyanide is a poisonous chemical that was used in both world wars. It was used as a chemical weapon in the First World War by the French. It was then used by Nazi Germany during the Second World War for disinfection and pest extermination on ships, and later in gas chambers.

Talking on the show, Lauren Goodger, mentions another product she promoted, Skinny Coffee, which she says helped her lose 12lbs in 3 weeks.

When asking Goodger if she was okay with promoting the diet drink without testing it, her agent told the seller: “Half these posts you see that people do, they’re not even trying them half the time.” Goodger agrees with her agent adding: “I never tried Skinny Coffee.”

After the show was broadcast a representative of Miss Goodger told MailOnline: “Lauren was asked to go to an audition by her old management to attend a meeting to appear in an advert for a new water. There was no mention of what the water contained before the meeting. The money on the table was quite a large sum which was offered.”

Lauren Goodger told MailOnline that she was handed a script for the promotion of some water and it was an audition which she agreed to do at the moment, claiming she would never have promoted the water to her followers without testing it.

“Of course I would never promote anything that contains poison and proper checks would have been made before any promotion. I also have never said I lost two stone using skinny coffee. That is a complete lie and I’m unsure where that has come from,” she told MailOnline.

She continued: “I would never promote anything on my Instagram that I don’t feel is right for my followers and that I haven’t used. The sit down meeting after the audition was filmed undercover without my knowledge.”

Meanwhile, Mike Hassini a fitness guru was also caught ignoring the hazardous ingredient. He said he was okay with promoting the product without testing it. “That’s absolutely fine. That’s not a problem at all. From what I know, that all looks pretty natural.”

Zara Holland also agreed to promote the product without trying. However, she was saved by her agent who intervened and said she would not promote the product without trying it.

Holland said: “Although I had read out the ingredients which included hydrogen cyanide, I did not immediately know what this was at the time.”

“My agent did state that I would not promote a product without trying the product first, and we needed to be provided with more details. I would never deliberately mislead my followers or promote a product that was dangerous.”

In response to the ongoing scandal Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) told Radio 1’s Newsbeat’: “If a celebrity claimed that using a dietary product had helped them lose weight when, in fact, they had never used the product, that could potentially be a problem under our rules. Though we’d have to carefully assess the context in which the claims appeared.”

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