Influencers are Making a Living Reviewing and Promoting Disneyland Attractions

Instagram influencers have made a living working out of Disneyland, by sharing Disney hotspots, Disney food and Disney fashion.

Disneyland has been a hot holiday destination for a long time. With its theme parks, trendy fashion choices and delicious food. While some go to have a good time during their holidays, others have made a career out of it. Sharing their experiences and disclosing what Disneyland has to offer through their blogs and posts online.

AJ Wolfe, a mother of two, who lives in Texas, is one such example. She started posting pictures and reviews of Disneyland food back in 2009 on her online Disney Food Blog. Her blog has since then become a successful website, Instagram page, and YouTube channel. She has 405k subscribers on YouTube and 534k followers on Instagram. Like the majority of influencers and content creators, Wolfe earns money by promoting products and taking sponsorship deals.

Wolfe makes a routine visit to Disney World once a month. She gets an early start, visits the park, takes pictures of the food she eats and posts them after editing the content. Speaking to The Guardian, Wolfe said: “It’s an unsustainable way of living if you’re there every day. But if you’re only there for a few days.”

In the past Wolfe, 41, would have to pay to go to Disney World. But now she is paid to visit the park. While speaking to Amelia Tait from The Guardian, the influencer talked about how Disney World is the perfect stress-free escape destination.

“I like to say Disney World is the opposite of New York: perfectly manicured, cultivated happiness versus the gritty reality of the city that never sleeps,” said Wolfe. “I think that’s why Disney approaches ‘obsessive’ levels for some people. It’s such a marked escape from the worries and stresses of their real, day-to-day life.”

However, being an influencer is not easy. With the continuous criticism and trolling, you need to have a thick skin. One such influencer couple, Britt and Jared, from Louisiana, with 13.8k followers on Instagram and 18.5k subscribers on YouTube, faced such a backlash.

When asked if she ever got judged by people. Britt explained how a couple of years ago she approached a work colleague to help her with the pile of paperwork at her desk. “Don’t you have a coloring book to color?” her colleague replied. “That’s the rudest thing anybody has ever said to me,” said Britt. “Just because I like Disney doesn’t make me immature. It makes me way more open-minded and broad, that I could find magic in places that you’re struggling to find magic in.”

Despite being an influencer couple, both Jared and Britt continue to work their daily jobs. With Britt selling her homemade Mickey Mouse ears on Instagram, boosting her income.

With the Instagram influencer market soaking with beauty and fitness influencers, niche influencers are growing. Marketing agencies have started to hire micro-influencers to promote their brands very successfully. Despite these influencers having lower numbers in terms of followers, stats often show these followers are more loyal and engaged.

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