Influencer Sentenced To Four Years In Prison For Unlawful Cosmetic Procedures

German Instagram influencer was handed four years in prison for carrying out illegal beauty procedures.

A 29-year-old female Instagram influencer admitted to injecting hyaluronic acid as “filler” into the lips and noses of at least 35 women, said Michael Rehaag, a spokesperson at the district court in Bochum while speaking to CNN.

The social media personality who is pregnant, has 100,000 followers on Instagram but cannot be named under German privacy law, said Rehaag.

The German influencer used the social media platform to promote and advertise her services from 2017 to April of 2019. She was charging customers from 300 to 450 Euros ($330 to $495) for the injections while using her living room as a surgical suite.

With her business expanding and more clients seeking her treatments, she started using hotel suites “where one room was used as a treatment room and the other as a waiting room for clients,” Rehaag said.

“The court also learned that some treatments were carried out in a private room at discotheques.”

He continued, “The presiding judge said that the term ‘hygiene ordinance’ was an unknown to the woman. Basic measures in this area which are absolutely necessary and unavoidable have been disregarded here — such as wearing gloves, wearing a surgical mask, using disinfectants.”

The court heard 35 cases, but prosecutors believe there were a lot more.

“Many of her clients later complained of complications after their procedures, which ranged from swelling and dents,” said the spokesperson.

The influencers gross payment was calculated to be around $500,000. She was also charged with tax evasion and has been ordered to pay $73,800.

The woman has been released from prison on temporary basis to give birth and will continue to serve her sentence after it.

At Bochum district court another trial is underway involving the woman’s cousin, who is facing identical charges.

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