Influencer Ray Diaz Released After Arrest by LAPD For Alleged Sexual Assault

Social media personality charged with sexual assault after disturbing video surfaces of him abusing underage girlfriend; released on $50,000 bond with court date set for August 7.

Social media influencer and self-described entrepreneur Ray Diaz was arrested by the LAPD last week for alleged sexual assault involving his underage girlfriend; he has since been released on bond, and is scheduled to return to court on August 7.

According to Buzzfeed News, Diaz, 33, whose real name is Raymundo Diaz, came under investigation after 17-year-old actress and model Angelica Salek, who claimed she had dated Diaz for a year, posted a disturbing video on Instagram on July 5.

The video featured a man alleged to be Diaz screaming at and hitting Salek, telling her to kill herself and threatening violence with statements such as “I’m going to end up punching you so f—ing hard,” while Salek can be heard sobbing in the background. However, Salek deleted the video shortly afterward.

The video clip was then re-uploaded by other social media accounts, with many calling on the police to launch an investigation. YouTuber Keemstar also shared the video on an episode of his DramaAlert series, with Salek making an appearance and accusing Diaz of emotional and physical abuse. She went on to clarify that her intention was not to “hurt anybody or put anybody in jail,” but rather to “bring awareness and show that it’s not OK to be in an abusive relationship and it’s OK to speak out.”

In addition, Salek also alleged that Diaz forced her to hide in his bed’s box spring when the police came looking for her at his house on July 3.

Diaz, who has 3.1 million Instagram followers (his account is now set on private) and 304,682 subscribers on his YouTube channel, also took to social media to air his side of the story. In a FaceTime interview with celebrity website, Diaz (who is also an actor) claimed the video was fake and nothing more than “acting lessons.”

“It’s just screaming and yelling, and I do this before every single audition with Angelica just to get the juice flowing — the emotions flowing,” he claimed, adding that he and Salek had not been dating.

Both Diaz and Salek are based in California, where the age of consent is 18; taking into account Salek’s side of the story, she was only 16 when she claims she began dating Diaz.

In the wake of the allegations of underage abuse, the LAPD opened up an investigation, after which Diaz was taken into custody at 5:00 am last Friday in San Diego. The LAPD later confirmed via Twitter that Diaz had been arrested and was being held on $500,000 bail:

The LAPD did not confirm the veracity of the video clip, or provide any further details on the case.

Meanwhile, Diaz was later released on Saturday, on $50,000 bond, and is due to appear in court on August 7.

Following his release, Salek took to Twitter to voice her fears:

When her followers voiced their concerns for her safety and urged her to seek out supportive friends and family members, Salek assured them that her mom was on the case:

In addition, a video featuring Salek was also shared by Keemstar:

“I just found out that Ray got released from jail and I just feel really scared right now,” she said. “I don’t know what to do. I’m scared to go home and I don’t think this is fair. He got out of jail for $50,000 and I don’t think that everything he’s done, how scared he’s made me feel, that is ok – I’m so scared to go home.”

Diaz, meanwhile, has yet to comment on the matter.

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