Influencer Mikayla Saravia Nets $100,000 Yearly with Her Extra-Long Tongue

Instagram influencers have all types of skills and ways to entertain followers, Mikayla Saravia has her extra-long tongue which nets her big bucks.

Mikayla Saravia from West Palm Beach, Florida is monetizing a rare feature — a tongue that measures 6.5 inches in length. According to LAD Bible, the 21-year-old social media sensation earns $99,500 a year by showing off her remarkable organ.

Speaking to the publication, Saravia revealed she makes between $900 and $3,000 per sponsored post.

“I do ads, and I monetize my YouTube and my app. I also sell merch on my website. Last year, I made a little under $50k – should be better this year because I’ve already doubled that amount,” she explained.

Saravia was in the sixth grade when she discovered how unusual the length of her tongue was. By thinking “outside the box” and trying to be different, she came up with a way to cash in on her uniqueness.

Now Saravia shares with her two million Instagram followers photos and videos of herself licking food items, often including cucumbers, bananas, and popsicles. The influencer also demonstrates her twerking skills and posts snaps in swimwear or lingerie. In addition, Saravia has tapped into her growing fame with the launch of her own app and website, KKVSH, where she sells products like sex toys, apparel, phone holders, and charges. She even makes her own music and has opened a photo studio at her home.

As for what she wants people to know about her, Saravia said:

“I wish people understood that I’m very down to earth. Some people think people with a lot of followers are cocky and boujee, but I’m pretty down to earth.”

She went on to note that she was proud of her accomplishments, especially considering her young age, and pointed out that the biggest inspiration for her success was her mother.

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