Influencer Farah Abraham Bashed for Chanel Ribbon ‘Flex’

Farrah Abraham came under fire from her Instagram followers for wearing Chanel ribbon from a gift box, allegedly to show off her wealth.

Farrah Abraham is a US-based 28-year-old Instagram influencer and an alum of an American reality TV series Teen Mom. She has a 2.1 million army of followers who continuously criticize and shame her for less than stellar fashion choices and parenting blunders.

In a recent development, the former reality show star got another dose of criticism for using a Chanel ribbon from a gift box as a necklace.

In December, Farrah Abraham posted a sponsored video, advertising a magic device that was supposed to produce an effect of a facelift without the use of surgery. On a video, she demonstrated how she used the tool and offered a promo code for her followers.

However, it seems that the followers were less interested in the anti-age machine and focused on Farrah’s outfit. In particular, the critics noticed that she wrapped a Chanel gift box ribbon around her neck as if it was a scarf or a choker. Apparently, Abraham got it from a gift box that included products of the luxury brand.

Users started discussing the reasoning behind this odd dress choice. Some of them thought it was a new fashion trend.

“Literally, the only reason why I even searched the comments to see if I just wasn’t with the new trend,” one of the commentators wrote.

However, others suspected that Abraham had tried to flex her wealth by demonstrating the brand name on the ribbon.

“The ONLY person tying a packaging ribbon around their neck like this is a person who can’t actually afford real Chanel necklaces. You know, ones that say Chanel but aren’t. $6.99 on eBay to fake flex,” one of the critics stated.

While the ribbon on the neck does look a bit tasteless, it is no big deal and probably the least egregious blunder. Anyway, even if Farrah Abraham was trying to brag about the brands she could afford; the ribbon is not something to be jealous about, but such is the world of social media.

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