Influencer Caroline Calloway Under the Spotlight after Ex-Friend’s Tell-All Publication

Former ghostwriter for Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway makes scandalous revelations about the webceleb’s fame.

Scandalous exposures and scam allegations have once again thrust influencer Carolin Calloway into the public limelight. The 27-year-old Instagrammer has become the subject of a viral expose written by former college friend Natalie Beach.

The tell-all essay published in The Cut on Tuesday claims that Beach was a ghostwriter for Calloway’s Instagram account, which contributed greatly to her social media fame. The former friend also said that Calloway’s popularity was not fully organic, with “tens of thousands” of her nearly 800,000 Instagram followers purchased soon after the account’s launch. The influencer bought a big part of her initial fans as she was looking to strike a book deal. She eventually received a proposal by Flatiron Books in 2016 but negotiations fell apart. The manuscript for the memoir was entirely written by Beach who was promised a 35% share of prospective profits, The Cut story further reveals.

Calloway, who lost her father days after the publication, has commented on the highly-debated article without addressing the specific accusations. In an interview for NBC News on Friday, the Instagram star said that she had “nothing but love for her former ghostwriter”. She further revealed that their friendship didn’t survive the tumultuous time during Calloway’s addiction to the stimulant drug Adderall.

Days after Beach’s revelations the modern-day soap opera is still making waves in the digital world with people admitting they are obsessed with Calloway’s story. Social Blade figures prove that interest in the influencer is growing. According to the social media statistics platform, Calloway has gained more than 3,000 new followers since Tuesday.

This is not the first time Calloway has come under the spotlight. She made headlines in late 2018 for offering followers $165 “creativity workshops” that were later canceled and labeled as scams.

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