Influencer Caroline Calloway Grows Following after Ghostwriter’s Revelations

Controversial social media influencer Caroline Calloway has gained some 13,000 new Instagram followers after the scandalous tell-all publication of her ex-friend Natalie Beach.

Last Tuesday, The Cut released an essay titled “I Was Caroline Calloway”. The expose revealed Beach was a ghostwriter for Calloway’s Instagram account for years. The former college friend also claimed that the 27-year-old influencer was a bad actor on the social media scene, with “tens of thousands” of bought followers. Moreover, Beach said she was the real author of Calloway’s manuscript for the memoir she was offered to write four years ago. Their friendship eventually fell apart, alongside the demise of the book deal with Flatiron Books.

In the aftermath of the viral publication, Calloway revealed that her father had passed away.

“My um… My Dad just died. Today. I got the call an hour ago. The cause of death is unknown,” she wrote last Friday to her almost 800,000-strong audience. “I’m worried that by even telling this I will cheapen the truth. That I will make this moment into another “notorious misfortune” of mine as the New York Times called them.”

In a pre-scheduled interview for NBC News the same day, Calloway said she felt a numbness, but her mind also flickered with worry about how her followers would judge her still-fresh grief.

“My life isn’t going to stop because my father’s dead and my trolls won’t stop and people won’t stop writing about me,” the influencer stated.

Indeed, a number of commentaries have been released in recent days. Journalists and users are discussing different aspects of the scandal, from the influencer fraud accusations to the vast topic of toxic friendships. Meanwhile, Calloway is encouraging her followers to read the story, with the link to the article in her Instagram bio despite the rather damning revelations.

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