Gaming Influencer Ninja Calls Out Epic Games to Fix Fortnite Bugs

Ninja lashes out at Epic Games’ devs for the current buggy state of Fortnite which is making the game boring and unenjoyable to play.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, one of the biggest Fortnite names out there, hit out at Epic Games for not paying attention to the game’s current state since the arrival of Chapter 2, ignoring glitches, bugs and failing to add new content to the game, which is making the game stale and not fun to play.

Streaming on January 6 while playing with TimTheTatman, Ninja encountered a couple of bugs while looting which brought out his frustration for the game: “Bro! Why is my game freezing. Dude, I’m freaking out right now, Fortnite is falling apart. Devs have gone, they haven’t updated their game once, apparently, the game just slowly deteriorates when there aren’t updates,” said Ninja.

As the game continued so did Ninja’s problems as he kept running into more bugs he called out Epic to improve the state of the game and get its house in order: “Bro, I’m getting game lag, freezes dude, getting FPS drops all the time now, now the game is just bricking randomly, like come home, update the game – or at least send half your guys back.”

It wasn’t long before the duo got caught in the storm and were left to fight against a number of teams, where Ninja lost his cool and the duo ended up getting eliminated.

“I’m not having fun, I’m not having fun,” said Ninja before urging Epic to get fix the game and add more mobility. “…add mobility to this game please.”

When Tim recommended Escape of Tarkov another first-person shooter game, Ninja was quick to turn down the offer and labeled the game as trash.

Ninja who moved to Mixer last year back in August was one of the first few streamers who started to play Fortnite on their stream when it came out. Already known for his shooting skills from his competitive Halo days and the thousands of hours of streaming PUBG and H1Z1 he quickly made a name for himself in the Fortnite community and rose to stardom making him one of the most successful gamers out there and the face of Fortnite.

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