Gaming Influencer Loses Sponsorship With Razer After Defending Herself Against Sexist Tweet

Gaming influencer Gabriela Cattuzzo lost her sponsorship with gaming hardware company Razer after defending herself against sexual harassment by tweeting “men are trash.”


On June 21, Cattuzzo, a popular streamer from Brazil, posted an image of herself riding a mechanical bull, on which a male Twitter user commented: “You can ride me if you want.”

In a since-deleted response, Cattuzzo wrote:

“There’s always going to be f*cked in the head macho man to talk sh*t and sexualise women until the woman starts making jokes, right?”

“And this is why men are trash,” she added. “those who are not, are exceptions.”

Feeling that her response may have been too much of a generalisation, and after a prolonged Twitter debate between the gamer, her critics and fans, Cattuzzo followed up by tweeting that she did not believe that all men are problematic. On June 23, she deleted the controversial tweets and posted:

“I reacted rudely to the boy who made a bad joke and ended up cursing a lot of people in the process, and I apologize for that. I do not apologize for having defended me. I will always defend myself.”

However, the clarification was not enough for Razer – on June 24 the company announced that they would not be renewing their contract with Cattuzzo and would allow it to expire.

In the tweet, Razer stated that Cattuzzo was not and had never been a spokesperson or brand ambassador for the company; rather, she was simply part of a group of influencers who had been hired to promote the company’s products.

“As gamers, we face every type of preconception and stereotype from the outset, and we will continue fighting so that this type of situation doesn’t repeat itself,” said the statement, adding that Razer opposes all forms of “extremism.”

The company has refused to offer any further comment on the matter – meanwhile, their stance has been met with a mixed response, with most reactions being critical.

Gamer and YouTuber mikannn expressed disappointment in Razer’s position.

“What a shame that is the position that you have chosen. As a Razer woman and customer, I am sorry that they posted this without taking the whole situation into account.”


Following Razer’s tweet, Cattuzzo posted another statement on TwitLonger and Twitter, stating that the entire incident had turned into a “witch hunt.”

The gaming influencer clarified that she had not meant to come across as a “misandrist” and that while she generally refrains from responding to harassment, this time she “burst.”

“Please understand: I post photos every day, and every day the majority of the comments are offensive or sexualising something that doesn’t have to be sexualised,” she said. “The men who comment with interesting things or non-offensive comments here on Twitter are few (and for these people I am thankful, they are the exceptions that redeem my day).”

“I was an a**hole. I apologize. Was he an a**hole too? Yes! But I reacted 10x worse,” she admitted. Cattuzzo also added that her family and friends had been receiving death threats, owing to which she would be taking a break from social media and focusing on how she can “improve as a person in relation to everything that happened.”

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