Fortnite Superstar Ninja Shares Secrets to Success in New Book

Gaming influencer Ninja has written a book encompassing his experience as a professional gamer.

Fortnite streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has spent 10 years of his life competing in esports and has become one of the top gaming personalities. He has now penned a book called Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming, where he finally shares his secret to success.

Ninja, who has been making headlines these days with his defection from Twitch to Mixer, tweeted about the launch of the book on August 20.

“Today is the official release of my book “Get good” my ultimate guide to gaming. I have been gaming my entire life and have been playing games professionally for 10 years. Everything I have learned and more condensed into my first book. I hope you love it.”

Tyler covers a wide range of topics dealing with how to be successful and what he wishes he knew before getting serious about gaming. The book addresses basic mechanics and gaming fundamentals, such as mastering movement and having the right gear.

Sporting an attractive hardcover and explanatory images, Get Good has been labeled as more of a reference book, something to be used whenever someone is at a loss about what to do. Tyler himself claims that his work was intended to be “an encyclopedia, by me, for gamers like us.”

However, some commented that the book was too general in content, providing information that can be found on the internet for free. Moreover, the advice people can find online is more up-to-date, which is important given that games tend to change over time, with new mechanics and items being added.

The Fortnite King has other projects up his sleeve. Besides writing a graphic novel, which is set for release later this year, he is creating a notebook filled with Ninja stickers.

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