Fitness Influencer David Laid Launches His First Podcast

David Laid, known for his aesthetic physique and cinematographic aspirations, sat down for a chat at Rock Bottom.

David Laid Fitness Influencer

David Laid, a fitness star with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 895,000 subscribers on YouTube, recently decided to start his own podcast alongside his workout program which launched a few weeks earlier.

Known for his love of trying out new things, be it bodybuilding or cinematography, he mentioned the podcast in one of his Instagram stories and uploaded the first episode a few days later, on July 27.

Given David’s reputation as a supplement junkie, it is hardly surprising he filmed the debut episode with James, the owner of Rock Bottom. Supplements from the New Jersey-based store have been a staple for David since the early days. 

He kicks off the podcast with recollections from past and mentions how he walked into the store for the first time when he was 14, instantly falling in love with Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey protein because of its “angelic packing.” 

Most of the podcast focuses on the duo’s supplemental and training opinions, but it does take a few interesting turns. One is where they discuss the final season of “Games Of Thrones,” with David commenting, “They destroyed it.” David then goes on to wonder how the directors could sit down after finishing the shoot and decide this was an amazing conclusion.

Mid-podcast, they get to talking about eating habits, metabolism rates, and weight loss. David mentions his small appetite, adding that he went through a phase where he didn’t eat normal food and survived on sweets. He confirms he got out of it in his late teens but still doesn’t have the stomach for normal food. This is followed by a mention of Joe Rogan’s podcast, specifically an episode featuring Kevin Hart, who had a similar problem. The conclusion is that this is related to genetics and environmental influences. 

Towards the end, David comments on the theory that “The Lord of The Rings” series is based on Christianity and asks for James’ opinion. David himself says, “I’m not properly familiar with religion, but it still made a lot of intuitive sense.”

Overall, it’s too soon to tell in which direction David will take his podcast. There is currently no set theme or topic for discussion, but the creative streak of the YouTube fitness sensation suggests exciting things are to come.

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