Fitness Influencer Cassey Ho Decodes Instagram Beauty Standards

Cassey Ho, in a new video, has decoded what it means to be beautiful today, and the facts will blow your mind.

Fitness blogger Cassey Ho, known for her body-positive messages, has photoshopped photos of herself to reflect the modern Instagram beauty standards and raise awareness about the reality behind them.

The 32-year-old founder of the popular Blogilates channel, said in a video published on September 16 that she had studied the physical attributes of the 100 most-followed women on Instagram, including Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé.

Ho determined 22 traits shared by the majority of the top Instagrammers. According to the analysis, the perfect female nowadays is 22-year-old, 5.7 ft tall, light-skinned caucasian. She has big, dark eyes, dark, mid-back length hair, flat but not muscular stomach, plump lips, heart-shaped face with a pointy chin, small nose, hourglass figure, big chest and long neck.

To fit these beauty standards Ho then went through a make-over, using a popular make-up tutorial and buying “influencery-looking” clothes and accessories. Moreover, the blogger photoshopped the pictures she took to have her features match those admired by today’s society and shared the before and after shots, highlighting that girls these days “don’t know what’s real or what’s not”.

While admitting that “influencers” have actually existed for centuries, Ho commented that today’s social media trends are disturbing. “It’s fascinating but also incredibly eerie at a time when you would think social media has evened the playing field for women of all body types, ethnicities and skin colour,” she commented.

Thought-provoking, the video spurred a generally-positive reaction among Ho’s 1.5 million Instagram followers and 4.7 million YouTube subscribers. One user of the video-sharing platform wrote: “I really think this video’s gonna blow up over the internet. And I hope it does and people get a slap on their face and start loving themselves the way they are and don’t try to fit in.”

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